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Our Mission

Elmira College sign at night

Elmira College offers its students, in a supportive and collaborative environment, both liberal and professional education of sufficient breadth and depth to enable them to become more responsible and productive in society.

Steeped in tradition, Elmira College is a private, residential, co-educational liberal arts college that emphasizes both general and professional education. The College blends academic rigor, distinctive programs, theory and practice beyond the classroom to graduate responsible global citizens and leaders prepared for a lifetime of careers and personal growth.

Academic programs are built upon strong general education in the liberal arts and sciences, with special attention given to the development of communication skills and the exploration of world cultures. Students also participate in field experiences or projects related to career goals, and the College provides a wide range of other off-campus learning options, including a community service requirement.

Institutional Student Learning Outcomes:

I. Develop and employ skills in communicating.

II. Learn and apply strategies for critical thinking.

III. Develop and apply skills in quantitative reasoning.

IV. Develop and employ skills in Information Literacy and Information Technology.

V. Achieve intellectual breadth in the liberal arts and sciences through the College's general education programs.

VI. Engage in a variety of focused and sustained modes of inquiry and research.

VII. Develop effective communication and leadership skills by engaging in such activities as group participation in collaborative coursework, athletics, clubs and organizations, committees, honor societies, teams, classes, student media or student government.

VIII. Contribute to the life of the local and campus communities through community service, residential living and meaningful College ceremonies.

IX. Acquire practical experience through an internship or a career related project or activity.

Strategic Goals:

Strategic Goal 1: Promote and support superior student learning throughout the College
to graduate educated, well-rounded, capable, and career-ready, citizens.

Strategic Goal 2: Attract diverse, highly-qualified students, and improve overall retention.

Strategic Goal 3: Be more competitive in attracting, retaining, and developing diverse,
highly-qualified faculty, administrators and staff.

Strategic Goal 4: Achieve financial excellence through internal efficiencies and implementing
the Strategy for Growth

Strategic Goal 5: Improve the effectiveness of Institutional Advancement.

Strategic Goal 6: Achieve the continual renewal of the College through collegial and
transparent planning and management, utilizing effective assessment, continuous planning, and data-based decision-making.

Strategic Goal 7: Strengthen the College’s engagement with and service to its local and
global communities.

Approved: May 31, 2014
The Mission, Institutional Student Learning Outcomes, and Strategic Goals are subject to regular review and revision.