Academic Resources

Academic Calendar

Here you’ll find all of the important dates that allow you to plan and prepare for the upcoming academic year or term.


Some relationships in our lives fade away, but the Office of the Registrar makes a permanent commitment to your educational record at Elmira College. From enrollment to graduation and beyond, the Office of the Registrar offer support and interprets academic policy for faculty, staff, and students alike.


The Gannett Tripp Library is a vital and vibrant information hub. It’s a center for research and study, of course; but it’s also staffed with professionals to guide your inquiry and to satisfy your thirst for knowing. Be it traditional books and journals or digital databases, our librarians will train you to find what you need.

Disability Services

Elmira College is an inclusive college committed to accommodating students with learning or other disabilities.  These services can be accessed through the Assistant Registrar and Director of Accessibility Services at Elmira College.

Student Learning Commons

The Student Learning Commons is a collaborative intersection where students, faculty, and professional staff meet for a shared learning experience. Here the conversations are interdisciplinary and profound, a place where mathematics meets poetry; where nursing finds business connections; where biology stumbles upon art. All are happy learning opportunities supported by tutors, advisors, and career counselors.