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Annual Disclosures

We have a robust Teacher Education program with certification in a variety of subjects.  Please see our College Bulletin pages 109-112 for more information on teacher demand, testing pass rates, and graduation rates.

Employment and Graduate School Placement Results

Below are summary statistics on employment and graduate school attendance for students graduating from Elmira College in 2014 arranged by academic major.

Results are based on a survey sent to students in January of 2015. Just over 55 percent of the class responded to the survey. Of those responding, 98 percent reported that they are employment and/or attending graduate school.

Specific information on test results, graduation rates, job placement rates, and percentages for education majors appears in the 2015-16 Elmira College Bulletin. ( A summary of outcomes data for nursing education is included on the Elmira College website at the following location:

Additional information on employment and graduate school placement is available from the Office of Career Services.

Class of 2014 Placement Statistics

Annual Disclosures