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Outdoor Adventure

The class will depart Tuesday May 20th for a full travel day.  We begin with a bus trip to New York so we can fly to Miami, then on to the Virgin Islands. We will begin our adventure on the British Island of Tortula where we will spend 2-3 days exploring the Sage Mountain National Park.  From Tortola we will Ferry to the National Park Virgin Gorda.  Similar to Tortula we will spend most of our time exploring the land and water.  Our final leg will be a 3 day stop in the Virgin Islands National Park, which is on the island of St. Johns.  Once in the park we will paddle board, hike, snorkel and camp.  We will have a guided eco-tour of the special environment.  Our trip will end in St. Johns and we will head home to Elmira on Friday May 30th.  The majority of our trip will be adventure based.  Camping is our style. We might have to stay in a hotel one or two nights due to travel arrangements, however, being outdoor would be the choice.  There is an additional course fee for the trip.