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Peoples, History and Institutions of the United Kingdom (& Ireland)

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This course is an introduction to the history, peoples and institutions of one of the major countries in Western Europe through an educational tour of United Kingdom and starting our travels in Dublin, Ireland.  Specifically, it will introduce the students to the historical, political, economic, artistic, literary, cultural, and educational environment of the country, through a multi- dimensional focus on developments between 1783 and the present day. Students will also be exposed to British institutions, such as Parliament, the City of London, Oxford University, major museums, and architecture.   Furthermore, the students will have the opportunity to travel to Ireland to explore the City of Dublin, Trinity College and Library, Kilmainham Gaol, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin Castle, museums, and architecture. This year will be the 28th consecutive year offering this course, 3rd year traveling to Dublin Ireland, and first year traveling to Belfast Northern Ireland as a class learning activity