Comic Books and American Culture

Develop college-level writing skills while studying how comic books reflect and comment on American culture. Students will also develop their critical reading and thinking skills as they learn about significant events and issues in American culture, past and present, that have influenced the increasingly sophisticated medium of comic books. Special emphasis is given to the superhero genre and Marvel Comics (a one-month digital subscription to Marvel Comics Unlimited is required).

Dr. Mitchell Lewis, Associate Professor of English, teaches a range of English courses, from Introduction to Literature and British-Lit surveys, to advanced courses in literary theory and modern fiction. In Elmira College’s distinctive third term, he also teaches special courses on science fiction, gothic fiction, and comic books and graphic novels. He directs the Freshman Studies program, and also teaches in the honors program. His scholarship and his various literary interests are unified by a focus on how literature reflects and responds to the changing conditions of modernity.