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Humanities Faculty

Heidi Dierckx Dr. Heidi Dierckx
Associate Professor of Classical Civilizations
Tel: (607) 735-1954
Office: Harris Hall 12A
Dr. Dierckx's Personal Website
Gary LaPointe Dr. Gary LaPointe
Associate Professor of English
Tel: (607) 735-1914
Office: Gillett Hall 14
Dr. LaPointe's Personal Website
Mitchell Lewis Dr. Mitchell Lewis
Associate Professor of English
Tel: (607) 735-1709
Office: McGraw Hall 208
Dr. Lewis's Personal Website
Mary Jo Mahoney Dr. Mary Jo Mahoney
Associate Professor of English
Tel: (607) 735-1962
Office: Gillett Hall 10
Dr. Mahoney's Personal Website
Corey McCall Dr. Corey McCall
Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religion
Tel: (607) 735-1889
Office: McGraw Hall 210A
Dr. McCall's Personal Website
Peter Schwartz Dr. Peter Schwartz
Associate Professor of English
Tel: (607) 735-1985
Office: Gillett Hall 1
Dr. Schwartz's Personal Website
Lauren Shaw Dr. Lauren Shaw
Associate Professor of Romance Languages
Tel: (607) 735-1723
Office: Gillett Hall 20
Dr. Shaw's Personal Website