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Speech & Hearing Curriculum

The Elmira College undergraduate program in Speech and Hearing provides students with two routes to the B.S. degree. The non-teaching major prepares students for continued studies in graduate schools. The Speech and Language Disabilities major leads to the New York State initial certificate in Speech and Language Disabilities. Both options provide students with a sound basis for continued study and ultimately for certification by the American Speech/Language/Hearing Association.

Required Courses
SPH 2100: Introduction to Communicative Disorders
SPH 2150 Anatomy and Physiology for Speech and Language
SPH 2250: Language Development
SPH 2300: Hearing Science 
SPH 2320: Principles of Phonetics
SPH 2600: Hearing Disorders and Assessment
SPH 3230: Diagnosis and Appraisal 
SPH 3590: Articulation and Phonology Disorders 
SPH 3591: Disorders of Language (W course)
SPH 3750: Clinical Practice in Audiology 

SPH 3751: Clinical Practice in Speech Pathology 
SPH 3750: Clinical Practice in Audiology
SPH 3751: Clinical Practice in Speech Pathology

Major electives selected from courses in Speech and Hearing. (One sign language course, either SPH or ASL, can be counted as a Speech and Hearing elective. Should you choose to take a second sign language course, it may be counted as a related elective.) 9.0

Related Electives Nine credits selected in consultation with the Speech and Hearing Faculty including the following disciplines:
American Sign Language (ASL)
Education (EDU)
Human Services (HMS)
Psychology (PSY)
Statistics (MAT)
Speech Communications (SPC)