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Speech & Hearing Curriculum

The Elmira College undergraduate program in Speech and Hearing prepares students for continued studies in graduate schools, and also provides students with a sound basis for continued study and ultimately for certification by the American Speech/Language/Hearing Association.

Required Courses
SPH 2100: Introduction to Communicative Disorders
SPH 2150 Anatomy and Physiology for Speech and Language
SPH 2250: Language Development
SPH 2300: Hearing Science 
SPH 2320: Principles of Phonetics
SPH 2600: Hearing Disorders and Assessment
SPH 3230: Diagnosis and Appraisal 
SPH 3590: Articulation and Phonology Disorders 
SPH 3591: Disorders of Language (W course)
SPH 3750: Clinical Practice in Audiology 

SPH 3751: Clinical Practice in Speech Pathology 
SPH 3750: Clinical Practice in Audiology
SPH 3751: Clinical Practice in Speech Pathology

Major electives selected from courses in Speech and Hearing. (One sign language course, either SPH or ASL, can be counted as a Speech and Hearing elective. Should you choose to take a second sign language course, it may be counted as a related elective.) 9.0

Related Electives Nine credits selected in consultation with the Speech and Hearing Faculty including the following disciplines:
American Sign Language (ASL)
Education (EDU)
Human Services (HMS)
Psychology (PSY)
Statistics (MAT)
Speech Communications (SPC)