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A broadly-based education in the liberal arts and sciences is great preparation for a career in the law. Thus, completing any major at Elmira College will prepare the prospective attorney for success. In addition, it is important to choose coursework that stresses reading, writing, and critical thinking skills.

At Elmira College, students interested in applying to Law School tend to major in Philosophy, English, History, Criminal Justice, Sociology, Classical Studies, Economics, and Political Science. However, other students have completed programs in science or math and gone on to excel in Law School and in their legal careers.

An active Pre-Law club called “The Legal Eagles” meets regularly and entertains as guests and speakers attorneys and judges from the region as well as Law School recruiters.
Students interested in a career in law are encouraged to contact one of our pre-law advisors shortly after starting the freshman year.

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Corey McCall
Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religion and Pre-Law Advisor
(607) 735-1889