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Application Timelines

Admission Plan

For Whom

When to Apply

from EC

Reply Date

Early Action

Students who want to receive an admission decision early.  This is not a binding admission plan.

by Oct. 15

Oct. 31

May 1

Regular Decision

If you are applying to a variety of colleges.  Elmira College operates on rolling admissions.  If you have questions regarding whether we are still accepting applications, please call us at 800-935-6472.

Rolling admissions

Rolling admissions, usually within 4 weeks after receiving completed application

May 1

Transfer Admission

If you will have completed four or more transferable college-level courses before entering Elmira.

June 1

July 1

July 15

International Student Admission

If you are not a U. S. citizen and you are not a permanent resident of the United States.

June 1

July 1

July 15

January Admission

If you plan to matriculate in the semester beginning in January instead of September.

by Dec. 1

Dec. 30

Jan. 3