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Information Technology

Greetings from the Department of Information Technology

If you look around, you quickly realize that technology exists in all parts of the Elmira College campus. From interactive projectors in our classrooms to automated alerts of availability within our laundry facilities, technology continues to play an integral part of our everyday lives. We understand this relationship and we are committed to providing technology in support of our academic excellence and also as a means to improve the quality of life for all members of our campus community.

Technology plays an important part in all aspects of our operations and the Department of Information Technology is made up of a dedicated team of technology experts who strive to ensure customer satisfaction and reliable and quality services. We are committed to providing the necessary tools that 21st Century students need as part of their work and personal lives.

We have recently embarked on an era of technology transformation that has begun changing and shaping the way that traditional services are delivered. Some of these changes include the expansion of our wireless network to all campus buildings, the addition of interactive technology within our classrooms and we are increasing our bandwidth to a level that represents one of the fastest network speeds for colleges our size.

As part of our technology transformation, we are in the midst of an exciting journey that will upgrade and enhance our current Student Information System. In collaboration with other departments and individuals, we are reengineering many of our business processes in effort to improve the quality of life on campus by automating and streamlining the way we function as an institution. The success of our students in relation to our academic mission remains at the forefront of our efforts and we remain committed and dedicated in the support and offering of quality services in all areas of technology.

We welcome you to our campus and we look forward to having you benefit and enjoy our recent transformational technology changes.

Brian Cornell
Chief Information Officer