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Meal Plans

The Elmira College Meal Plan is a convenient, prepaid a la carte dining plan that works much like a debit card and is used in all Elmira College dining facilities for the purchase of meals and snacks. The plan is moderately priced and based on the assumption that Elmira College students will take a certain number of their meals off campus given both fast food and restaurants being conveniently located near the College.

With use of this meal plan, students are charged only for what they order at any of the Dining Services location. Unlike all-you-can-eat meal plans that are available at many other colleges, students may choose what, when, and where on campus they take their meals without penalty of losing money if a particular meal is not eaten.

There are a number of conditions under which students might wish to add money to their plan:

  1. They define themselves as ―heavy eaters.
  2. Their intention is to eat three full meals on campus each day.
  3. They are athletes in season.
  4. They enjoy lots of evening snacks at the College snack bar, MacKenzie’s, in addition to their meals.
  5. They have preference for higher-priced dinners such as those available in our full-service restaurant, Simeon’s, or The 1855 Room.
  6. They choose to purchase grocery convenience items from Mrs. Sweeney’s Shoppe on a regular basis.
  7. They stay on campus during normal college breaks and eat at the dining hall.

The most common amount to be added to plans is $150 to $200 per term. Although it is less convenient, additions to the Meal Plan can be made in increments as small as $25 at the Office of Dining Services.

If lower than average consumption results in money being left in the meal plan at the end of Term I or Term II, the balance is carried forward and is available to the student in the next term. The money that remains left over could also be used to purchase grocery items from Mrs. Sweeney’s Shoppe. To maintain state sales tax exemption status, funds remaining in a student‘s account at the end of the academic year will not be refunded or transferred.

Because of the flexibility of this plan, students may take meals during any of the sixteen hours of normal Dining Services Operation. 

Questions about the mail plan in general or about adding funds beyond the basic meal plans should be discussed on a personal basis with the Dining Services Staff. Additionally, most special diets can be accommodated but should be discussed in advance with the Dining Services Managers and the Director of Health Services and Counseling to permit a complete understanding of what is available.