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Student Life

Student Life

Student Life gives students the opportunity to develop as responsible global citizens and leaders prepared for a lifetime of careers and personal growth. Through managing and coordinating the efforts and services of Campus Security, Counseling Services, Career Services, Encore, Health Services, Orientation, Residence Life, Student Activities, and Student Government, the Office of Student Life creates and maintains an environment conducive to student learning, personal growth, and professional achievement.

Using innovative and traditional methods, the Elmira College Office of Student Life makes a significant contribution to a student’s total collegiate experience by offering a significant number of opportunities for students to participate in social, cultural, leadership, recreational, and residential activities in a safe and secure dynamic environment.

Student Life offers Elmira College students the opportunity to:

  1. Enhance their ability to contribute to the positive and productive social experience by providing a wealth of opportunities to meet and interact with members of the community including other students, administrators, the faculty, and other staff members;
  2. Develop skill sets in areas such as time management, effective goal setting, event planning, personal decision making, and budget management which aids the students in achieving their full potential;
  3. Hone communication and leadership skills by engaging in such activities as group participation and collaboration in clubs, organizations, committees, honor societies, student media, and student government;
  4. Further their personal and professional development in a manner that complements academic development and career preparedness;
  5. Demonstrate their ability to contribute to life around campus and the community by creating and participating in diversified experiences beyond the classroom;
  6. Exhibit their sense of creativity as well as to further develop and employ skills in communication and critical thinking;
  7. Take initiative in becoming involved campus citizens able to access the many resources available for personal and professional development.

Letter from the Dean:

Elmira College students are amazing. Each year, I find myself impressed with just how much students can learn, grow, and achieve in just four short years. Their participation is what drives the awesome engine that is Student Life.

Throughout your time at EC, students will have the opportunity to develop an impressive array of essential skills through increased involvement in student life. Students develop and employ communication skills through public speaking, multimedia presentations, and conflict mediation; apply strategies for critical and creative thinking by planning and managing various events, managing an organizational budget, and analyzing interpersonal and group interactions; and develop as a global citizen who is able to work with others from differing cultural, racial, socio-economic, spiritual, and regional backgrounds holding different values, viewpoints, orientation, and work styles.

Best of all, students will meet other great students as friends, classmates, roommates, teammates, and club-mates who will be some of the best friends you’ll ever have. As students, you will work with professors, administrators, and alumni who are here to challenge, guide, and support you every step of the way. With all of this in mind, Student Life is truly part of a tradition that transforms lives for the best. My offices are here to help make these the most incredible years of your life.

I look forward to the joy of working with you!

David Williams ’02
Dean of Student Life
Elmira College