Elmira College Ranks No. 7 in US News & World Report’s 2013 “America’s Best Colleges” Edition

September 14 2012
Category: Academics

USNews & World Report announced its 2013 “America's Best Colleges” rankings and Elmira College was ranked seventh in its category.

Elmira College was ranked seventh in the “Best Regional College - North” classification. Elmira College has ranked in the top tier of its classification for the past seventeen years.

Among the criteria used to rank colleges, Elmira College ranks first in percentage of alumni giving in its category.

USNews & World Report stated that the College was third among the top 20 colleges in its category in the highest proportion of classes under twenty students (83 percent) and tied for first for lowest proportion of classes of fifty students or more. (Elmira College has no undergraduate class with fifty students or more.)

Great College at a Great Price

The College also was recognized in a special section of the edition, on “Great Colleges, Great Prices,” where Elmira was ranked third in its classification. This listing determines which colleges offer the best value in relationship to the college’s academic quality. (The higher the quality of the program and the lower the cost, the better the deal.) Only colleges in the top-half of their categories were considered, on the premise that the most significant values are among colleges that are above average academically.