Elmira College Students Raise More Than $3,400 for Hurricane Sandy Relief

December 19 2012
Category: Events

On December 8, 2012, Elmira College students held a “Restore the Shore” event and raised $3,416.96 to donate to the American Red Cross to aid the victims of Hurricane Sandy. The event started as an idea of Mollyrose Jensen ’14, a New Jersey native whose town was affected by the storm. For Mollyrose, the event was about helping her town and other affected communities even though she could not be there. She describes how the devastation of the storm was difficult for her to wrap her head around:

“You always hear about disasters around the world where homes and cars are destroyed and think it would never happen to you. New Jersey is always getting ‘hurricane warnings’ but they’ve always just been a flood with no severe damage. Not this time. This was so bad that it took a few days for the reality of the devastation to set in, especially because I was not home.”

Soon after Mollyrose decided to hold this event, it grew to involve the larger campus community. Jennifer Kelly ’14 and Cheryl Garber ’13 were the other lead organizers of the event, which was run by student volunteers. Jennifer believes the contagious support of the campus community is what made this event a success. “Word spread far quicker than we could have hoped and with the support and encouragement of the faculty, administrators, and business owners, I was empowered to see this thing through to the end.”

Restore the Shore included performance from the Elmira College Danceline and the College’s a cappella groups A1 and the Sauce, Chiclettes, and EC Naturals. There were also free Zumba classes held throughout the day.

The majority of the money was raised from the silent auction held during the event. The auction consisted of 73 items donated by local businesses, students, and their families, and raised more than $2,000. The rest of the money was from donations by student clubs, such as the Cooking Club, Rotaract, and Red Cross Club, as well as the generosity of students, faculty, administrators, staff, and members of the Elmira community.

The success of this event shows how a small group of people can make a difference, and how the Elmira College community comes together at a time of need. “The event would have never been the success it was without the help of Elmira College. Students were rushing to help and offer their time to make this run smoothly.” Mollyrose commented. “The resources at this school are unbelievable and it takes an unbelievable student body and administration to apply these resources and create such a successful event.”