Alumni attend inaugurations of presidents at different colleges and universities

January 15 2013
Category: Events

Barbara Simon Pearlman ’72, Leslie Pfeil ’70, Janet Pottinger Mance ’52, and Sheila Pataky Youngblood ’64 are four prominent alumni who were selected to attend inaugurations of presidents at different colleges and universities throughout the country on behalf of Elmira College.
Sheila Pataky Youngblood ’64 was honored to represent President Champagne on November 5, 2012 at the inauguration of Thomas M. Evans as the sixteenth President of Carroll College.

Barbara Simon Pearlman ’72 was honored to represent President Champagne and Elmira College on October 26, 2012 at the inauguration of Geoffrey S. Mearns as the fifth President of Northern Kentucky University. Barbara said, “The installation of an American university president signifies the reverence for the past and excitement for the future by the scholarly community; therefore representatives of sister colleges and universities from throughout the United States are invited and proudly attend.

“Inherent in the formal inauguration, which descends from coronation ceremonies of early European history, is an orderly processional that includes representatives of academia such as I, in full regalia, caps, gowns, and hoods connoting their fields of scholarship and academic degrees. The order in which we delegates of other universities and colleges march is determined by the years of our institutions’ foundings, from oldest to newest. As the delegate from Elmira College, founded in 1855, I was 23rd of 52 delegates.

“The program was impressive, informative, and inspirational. Participants included persons from academia, from government, a keynote speaker who has been the incoming President’s professional mentor, and, of course, Mr. Mearns himself, who discussed the influences members of his profession, academic colleagues, and, most importantly, his family have had upon him, as well as his aspirations for the future of NKU. I personally gained a unique perspective of Mr. Mearns from conversation with his sister, who as the delegate from her college marched behind me in the procession and then was seated next to me during the ceremony.

“The entire day, which included a preceding lunch and a subsequent reception, is a memorable one, and I thank Elmira College for asking me to be its delegate. It not only reinforced my already existent pride in being an Elmira alumna, but allowed me to acquaint numerous others with our College.”

Leslie Pfeil ’70 was honored to represent Elmira College on April 28, 2012 at the inauguration of Carl “Tobey” Oxholm III as the twentieth president of Arcadia University. Leslie said, “What an honor to march in the procession of college and university delegates at such a momentous occasion! It was especially meaningful because Tobey is a hometown boy who grew up in the area, attended local schools (including one my son had attended) and worked previously at law firms and other educational institutions in Philadelphia. My husband has even played squash with him. We wish him the best and thank Elmira College for this opportunity to participate in his inauguration.”

Janet Pottinger Mance ’52 was honored to represent Elmira College on May 4, 2012 at the inauguration of Dr. Jorge L. Diaz-Herrera as the nineteenth president of Keuka College.