Elmira College Included in List of Top 10 Colleges that Lead to Grad School

September 03 2013
Category: Admissions

US News and World Report recently included Elmira College in an article entitled “10 Colleges that Lead to Grad School” about colleges that have the highest percentage of students attending graduate school within a year of commencement. Elmira College was ranked as number 6 on the list, with 64% of students enrolling in graduate school after commencement. This ranking demonstrates the College's commitment to students' success both during and after their time at EC.

The article not only includes the percentage of students who attend graduate school from each institution, but information from US News and World Report about the advantages of attending graduate school:

“Students with a master's have an average annual salary of $62,000 and an unemployment rate of only 3 percent, compared with $48,000 and 5 percent for those with a bachelor's degree, according to a 2012 report by the Center on Education and the Workforce at Georgetown University.”

To view the article, follow this link:

This information was also presented in an article for Huffington Post, which includes a slideshow of these Top Colleges: