Students and Professor Present Research at Psychology Conference

March 15 2013
Category: Academics

Sean Brouty ’13, Ellen Gottuso ’14, and Nicole Olmsted ’13 recently traveled with Dr. Christopher Terry, Assistant Professor of Psychology, to present their research at the annual meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association in New York City. Each student presented a first-authored research poster based on a separate research project.

Sean Brouty ’13 presented a poster entitled “Texting Behind the Wheel: Mindfulness Predicts Perceived Accident Risk,” which was based on research demonstrating that college students who more mindfully regulate their attention are more likely to acknowledge the risks associated with texting while driving.

Nicole Olmsted ’13 presented a poster entitled: “Who’s Texting in Class: A Look at Behavioral and Psychological Predictors,” which examined how factors such as the size of one’s social network, cell phone related thoughts, and texting behaviors in other contexts influence one’s likelihood to text during class.

Ellen Gottuso ’14 presented a poster entitled “Impact of Stigma and Misconceptions of Mental Illness on Students’ Perceptions of Peers.” This project, performed in collaboration withDr. Anne Bizub, Assistant Professor of Psychology, involved an experiment demonstrating that, in certain situations, being aware that a fellow student has been diagnosed with a mental illness can lead to less social distancing and more empathic responses toward that individual compared to someone exhibiting undiagnosed symptoms of a mental illness.

Dr. Christopher Terry also presented a research poster entitled “Acting Without Awareness: Mindfulness Predicts Near Accidents Related to Cell Phone Use,” which reported research showing that college students who score lower on attention-related aspects of mindfulness experience more cell phone-related traffic incidents even after controlling for one’s frequency of cell phone use behind the wheel.