eARTh- A Celebration shows off work by Elmira College Faculty and Students

May 06 2014
Category: Academics

Irina Ivanova, Jan and Ayaka Yoshino in front of her digital collage installation

Elmira College students Irina Ivanova '16 and Ayaka Yoshino '16 joined their teacher, Jan Kather, at the opening reception of the eARTh exhibition at State of the Art Gallery in Ithaca, NY [May 2.] Jan is one of the member artists who examined the state of our changing planet due to climate change. Her work incorporates motifs ranging from the Venus de Milo to Socrates to Shakespeare's Macbeth and Hamlet. She writes:

That we are facing a climate change crisis puzzles me. Though there have always been wars, famine, floods and other disasters, humans from the beginnings of civilization have treasured life and recognized it as a mysterious gift. Traces of human brilliance shine through in our art and architecture, in music and literature, and in medicine and technology. So how can such an “advanced” global civilization knowingly participate in its own extinction? While we still have the presence of mind, let us begin to stabilize the future of life in our own backyards. The first step is to recognize our fossil fuel addiction and seek instead renewable energy sources; learn to recycle, and remember that having less just may promise more.

Jan is also exhibiting a lenticular print in a related exhibition on the environment at Ithaca's Museum of the Earth. Both the State of the Art Gallery and the Museum are committed to examining the world through the prisms of art and science. These exhibitions were made possible by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.
The Museum of the Earth exhibition ends on May 12. eARTh  runs through June 1, 2014.  State of the Art is located at 120 W. State Street/Martin Luther King, Jr. Street. The gallery is ADA accessible with curbside parking.  Hours are Wednesday-Friday, 12-6pm and Saturday and Sunday, noon-5pm.  Information:  607-277-1626 

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