Dr. Denise Berry-Talenti Earns Doctorate of Nursing Practice

July 22 2014
Category: Faculty

“Elmira College is like a big family and you immediately feel that when you step on campus. We all help each other out. Each student has a name and they’re not a number, which ultimately helps students succeed.” - Dr. Denise Berry-Talenti

Robert and Doris Fischer Malesardi

Dr. Denise Berry-Talenti, Assistant Professor of Nursing received a Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) this past May from Duquesne University. Originally from Towanda, Pennsylvania she attended the Arnot-Ogdon School of Nursing where she received a Diploma of Nursing in 1982, and later earned her bachelor’s degree from Alfred University. She then attended Syracuse University, earning a master’s degree in 1989. After attending Syracuse University she received a Nurse Midwifery Certificate from Case Western University in Cleveland, Ohio.

Being accustomed to a traditional style of education, Dr. Talenti was initially surprised when her doctorate courses were online. “I had never taken an online course; everything was the traditional face-to-face lecture. I was always scared of online courses and I thought that I needed someone to be there feeding me the information, so that was a big challenge.” Yet the empowerment that online learning provided was enlightening to her. “I actually had a lot of fun taking this program. You’re using your brain for a different reason; it really encourages knowledge.”

Dr. Talenti has been a member of the health sciences faculty for nearly seven years at the College. During this time, she has worked with students of all ages. She explained her progressive teaching style:

“I have an open door teaching philosophy. Students are welcome to come and go. I am there for them to succeed. My job is not to make it hard on them. I can learn from them and they can learn from me. I’m not just lecturing and spoon feeding students information, my classes are more discussion-based.”

Her focus on the students expands beyond the classroom:

“One of the greatest things I did this year was creating a Term III intramural softball team. Over the past two years we tried forming a team, but always missed the sign-up. We had so much fun, and I like that kind of stuff, to interact with the students other than work, too, because I think it’s important that they know you’re human too, and you know what they are going through. I’m always trying to be there for them, to listen to them.”

Dr. Talenti is also an avid candy maker, and shares her passion with her students. During the holidays, the Nursing Club raises money for a local family by selling candy and cookies that they make with Dr. Talenti. Both she and the members of the Nursing Club gain satisfaction in being able to help a family in need by selling goods that they make – and they have fun doing it.

The Health Sciences Center, with its innovative educational programs, will position Elmira College as a transformational leader in the delivery of health sciences education. When asked how the Health Sciences Center will improve health sciences educational on campus, she said:

“I am really excited to be able to include more technology, more simulation into the curriculum, because I know the students are increasingly technologically advanced and that is what they want to do. I need to change my way of teaching so that I can get more technically savvy, and simulation is one of the great ways in which we will be able to help our students.”