Elmira College Students Teach at Beecher Elementary School

March 25 2015
Category: Academics

On March 19, several Elmira College Childhood Education students instructed, taught, and assessed Beecher Elementary students in math, science, and technology. Dr. Hollie Kulago, Assistant Professor of Childhood Education stated:

Elmira College Childhood Education students plan instruction for, teach and assess Beecher Elementary students in Math, Science and Technology. The Elmira College juniors have been working with the Beecher Elementary sixth-graders one day a week, for 1.5 hours since January. The first few weeks were devoted to mathematics lessons. In the last three weeks of the program, the Elmira College students are engaging the sixth-graders in an interdisciplinary inquiry-based project that includes science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). The STEM projects include constructing egg helmets, optimizing growing conditions for plants, understanding the effects of the human water cycle, investigating the function of DNA and constructing air pressure-powered race cars. During these lessons, the Elmira College students promote the use of 21st century skills while they engage the sixth-graders in various activities and discussions.

Kailee Drewno ’16 and Jodi Luppino ’13 lead an exercise to teach Jayden Campbell, Sixth Grade at Beecher Elementary School math.

Allison Stone ’16 and Rebecca Adler ’16 explained the plant life cycle to Anecia Fernandez, Sixth Grade and Monika Bustamante, Sixth Grade at Beecher Elementary School.

Morgan D’Eredita ’16 and Victoria Wright ’16 taught a lesson on DNA to Liberty Somers, Sixth Grade at Beecher Elementary School.

Meaghan Keesler ’16 and Nicole Wadlington ’16 explained the human water cycle to Damien Harris, Sixth Grad at Beecher Elementary School.

Elisabeth Ogden ’16, Kaitlyn Hawley ’16, and Stephanie Tock ’16 lead a project on momentum and speed through egg-drop experiments with Micah Milo and Dylan Burlew, Beecher Elementary School students.

Lesson 1 (Math)

EC Students: Kailee Drewno ’16 (Red Shirt); Jodi Luppino ’13 (Pink Shirt)
Beecher Elementary School: Jayden Campbell, 6th Grade



Lesson 2 (Plant Life Cycle)

EC Students: Allison Stone ’16 (Purple Shirt); Rebecca Adler ’16 (Blue Shirt)
Beecher Elementary School: Anecia Fernandez, 6th Grade (Blue Shirt); Monika Bustamante, 6th Grade (Grey Shirt)




Lesson 3 (DNA Exercise)

EC Students: Morgan D’Eredita ’16 (Scarf); Victoria Wright ’16 (White Shirt)
Beecher Elementary School: Liberty Somers, 6th Grade





Lesson 4 (Human Water Cycle)

EC Students: Meaghan Keesler ’16 (Grey Sweatshirt); Nicole Wadlington ’16 (Scarf)
Beecher Elementary School: Damien Harris, 6th Grade




Lesson 5 (Momentum/Speed Project)

EC Students: Elisabeth Ogden ’16 (Light Brown Sweater); Kaitlyn Hawley ’16 (Black Sweater); Stephanie Tock ’16 (Green Dress)
Beecher Elementary School: Micah Milo; Dylan Burlew