Dr. Elisa Valenzuela to Present on Strategic Management in Puerto Rico

September 23 2015
Category: Academics

Dr. Elisa Valenzuela

Dr. Elisa Valenzuela, Assistant Professor of Management, will be presenting a paper titled, “Strategic Management: a field industry for Industrial Organizational Psychologist,” at the 3rd Industrial Organizational Psychology Convention of Puerto Rico, being held in Puerto Rico at the Ponce Hilton Convention Center on October 1-3, 2015. The session will begin with a brief overview of the field of strategic management then focus on a few critical areas from strategic management that rely on processes and variables of interest to Industrial Organizational Psychologists (I-O). Dr. Valenzuela will discuss some of her own experience and talk about how I-O psychology can assist in resolving a variety of workplace issues in the field of Strategic Management. Finally, the session will discuss how IOP professionals can be better informed and become more knowledgeable in the field of Strategic Management.