College Holds Founders Day Service of Remembrance

October 29 2015
Category: Academics


On Friday, October 23, the Elmira College Class of 2016 hosted the Annual Founders Day Service of Remembrance at 11:30 a.m. in Peterson Chapel in Cowles Hall. The Service of Remembrance has been an Elmira College tradition since 1989 when it was first initiated by the class officers of the Class of 1990. As students, their goal was to develop a memorial service to honor deceased alumni each year and to recognize the connection that Elmira College students and alumni share across generations.

This year, class officers from the Class of 2016 partnered with the Office of Alumni Relations and produced a slideshow honoring Elmira College alumni who passed in the last year. The slideshow also featured the late Dr. Leonard Grant, L.H.D. ’87, 11th President of Elmira College. Students, local alumni, faculty, administrators and members of the Elmira College Board of Trustees attended the service to honor alumni and their lifelong accomplishments. Student clubs and organizations including Christian Fellowship, Hillel, the Chiclettes, and A1 & the Sauce contributed to the service by reciting poems and singing traditional Elmira College songs.

Patron Saints to the Class of 2016, Professor Alison Wolfe, Associate Professor of Marketing, and Professor Joseph Lemak, Director of the Academic Writing Program and the Writing Center, began the service by processing into Peterson Chapel with the Class of 2016 banner. At the conclusion of the service, guests were invited to join the Class of 2016 class officers in planting iris bulbs in the flowerbeds surrounding Cowles Hall to recognize and honor the lives of lost alumni.