Chamber of Commerce Honors Elmira College's Director of Mark Twain Center Dr. Barbara Snedecor

November 24 2015
Category: Twain

Dr. Barbara Snedecor

Chamber of Commerce Honors Dr. Barbara Snedecor with Inaugural Presentation of The Living Heritage Award.

In recent years, leaders of the Chemung County Chamber of Commerce have noticed a new and very becoming enhancement of local legacies. Even as the community reveres property and people, events and achievements of the past, there has arisen a subtle yet significant inclination to craft a contemporary application of that past. Such initiatives breathe new vitality into those important components of our history and in so doing make them more real and relevant. They bring life to our history. They create a living heritage. And the Chamber decided to acknowledge and applaud that delightful phenomenon.

During initial award deliberations, the Chamber quickly determined there is no better illustration of this wonderfully commendable movement than the enlivened, pervasive presence of Mark Twain throughout the community. Without jeopardizing the integrity of the author’s legendary renown, the Elmira College Center for Mark Twain Studies has brought him to the people.

Throughout her devoted stewardship of Mark Twain’s legacy, Dr. Barbara E. Snedecor, the Director of the Center, has not only fostered his enduring presence but has also enriched our community. Thanks to the Center and Dr. Snedecor, there are legions of locals today who are unabashedly “proud to be where Twain remains.” She has made his legacy a living heritage.

In appreciation of that enormous contribution to our community, the Chamber of Commerce has named Dr. Snedecor the first recipient of The Living Heritage Award.

We think even the irascible author would approve.

The Living Heritage Award will be presented to Dr. Snedecor at the Chamber of Commerce Annual Awards Breakfast, which is set for December 1st at Elmira Country Club. Tickets and further details are available on the Chamber’s website at