Pop-Up Art Show Features Work Elmira College Students

March 03 2016
Category: The Arts

Elmira College student Gabrielle Higgins '18, an intern at Community Arts of Elmira, curated a "pop-up" art show that featured the work of Elmira College art students. The show, as part of the Community Arts Blog Launch and Exhibition Season Opening Reception, was one of four student exhibitions that include Elmira City School District "Storybook Floor Cloths Project" with Artist-in-Residence Educator Joann Smith - Beecher, Diven, Fassett and Hendy; Finn Academy Charter School Grades K-3 with Arts Educator Brandi Moffe: "The Arts: At First Sight"; National Youth Art Month with Arts Educator Eileen Reib - Diven and Fassett; and Elmira College Student Pop-up: "Elmira College Inspiring Artists!"

The image "Through My Eyes" was provided by the artist, Gabrielle Higgins '18. She invited the Elmira College community to celebrate Arts Alive 2016 by attending this event on March 3, 2016, 5-7pm, which will also featured singing by Nick Venderwood ’19.. The event was free and open to the public.