Professor to Attend Philosophy Association Summer School and Conference

May 12 2016
Category: Academics

Dr. Corey McCall, Associate Professor of Philosophy, will be attending the Caribbean Philosophical Association Summer School and Conference from June 12-18, 2016, at the University of Connecticut.  While there, he will present his paper, “Rituals of the Flesh,” and participate in seminars with world-class scholars of Caribbean and Africana thought, including Paget Henry (Brown University), Drucilla Cornell (Rutgers), Oscar Guardiola Rivera (Birbeck College, University of London), and Lewis Gordon (UCONN).  

In his paper, Dr. McCall uses the ritual conception of the flesh, developed by Michel Foucault in the 1970s, and situates it in relationship to Sylvia Wynter’s ongoing project to understand the modern moral economy of racism.  The first section of Dr. McCall’s paper develops these two complementary concepts, while the second section considers their contemporary manifestation. Dr. McCall concludes by arguing the need for new sites for these rituals of the flesh understood as forms of counter-knowledge to the dominant racist rituals of the flesh that condemn the black body to deviancy and criminality. His hope is that the neoliberal university is in the process of being transformed into one of these sites.