Research Group Presents Molecular Genetics Research at Annual Symposium

May 11 2016
Category: Academics

Dr. Amy M. Lyndaker, Assistant Professor of Biology, and her research group presented their molecular genetics research at the 20th Annual Buffalo DNA Replication and Repair Symposium on May 5 and 6. The research group, which has been studying the human HUS1B gene,  included Kelsey Quail’17, Sam Brosman’17, Caroline Connolly’19, Andrew Spitznogle’19, and Cory Blanchard’17.

While the function of HUS1B is currently unknown, it is highly similar to another human gene, HUS1, which is essential for viability and encodes part of the 9-1-1 protein complex, a first responder to DNA damage that helps to protect the genome by coordinating DNA repair. By comparing the human HUS1 and HUS1B sequences to each other, as well as to those of invertebrates, vertebrates, and other fellow mammals, the group is beginning to understand how HUS1B might be important for protecting our DNA.

For more information, visit the team’s research webpage at:

Pictured, from left to right: Kelsey Quail’17, Sam Brosman’17, Dr. Lyndaker, Assistant Professor of Biology, Caroline Connolly’19, and Andrew Spitznogle’19.