Mentor Monday Features Criminal Justice, Attorney Christopher Denton

May 02 2016
Category: Academics

Attorney Christopher Denton will be on campus Monday, May 2 as part of the Mentor Mondays campaign. Students interested in criminal justice careers are encouraged to take this opportunity to network with and learn from Attorney Denton’s experience in the judicial system. Students will also have a chance to have their résumés reviewed and interview skills critiqued.

Attorney Christopher Denton graduated from Dartmouth College with his Bachelor of Arts before being drafted and serving in the United States Army as a member of the Field Artillery Branch. Following his military service, Denton graduated from Syracuse Law School, J.D, with honors. He became a member of the House of Delegates of the New York State Bar Association and co-founded the Atlantic States Legal Foundation. Denton has been a Continuing Legal Education Instructor in Oil and Gas Law and an Adjunct Instructor of Oil and Gas Law at Elmira College and Emeritus Adjunct Instructor of Business Law at Corning Community College. Denton currently serves as the legal counsel to and co-organizer of many upstate New York Landowner Coalitions on Oil and Gas.

To register for Mentor Monday with Dr. Pedro Gonzalez, please email Julie Fielding at  Mentor Mondays are sponsored by the Office of Career Services.