A Summer at Tory Burch

June 28 2016
Category: Academics

Summer is here and for many Elmira College students, that means internships.  Earlier this year, Elmira College was ranked first in the nation for internships by U.S. News & World Report, with 100% of students completing an internship during their time at EC.  Throughout the summer we’ll highlight some of the internships our students are completing, starting with this fantastic opportunity which Jeremy Jaico '17, is experiencing at Tory Burch, the fashion label owned, operated and founded by American designer Tory Burch.

Wait, I’m an Intern for Forbes’ 73rd Most Powerful Woman in the World?!

My first week interning at Tory Burch was incredible to say the least. All the interns from every department got to meet each other in Tory’s board room and we went around the room introducing ourselves. The first day was orientation for everyone, so the Intern Coordinator gave us paperwork to fill out. The following couple of days, I got to meet the IT team in both of our offices in Manhattan, and we worked out my schedule. They told us the following week, we were going to meet Tory Burch and we were going to be able to speak to her and ask questions. I had a head-start by the end of the first week because I was already putting my experience at the IT helpdesk from Elmira College to use!

Once the second week started, it was all we looked forward to doing! Once the day came, all of the interns crowded her board room right before the meeting began. Tory walked in with her brother Robert and greeted everyone with Tory Burch journals. She told us they were a gift from her, and gave us a little brief history about her and the brand. She gave us great advice, and reminded us that it was a great opportunity to be a part of the company. Out of 4,000 applications, the 32 of us were accepted. From learning the lay of the land, to meeting Tory Burch and her brother, it was a beginning full of surprises!

The third week interning at Tory Burch is when I really got down to business. Not only was I setting up and taking down computer set-ups, I learned how to process an imaging unit, disable passwords from a locked laptop, and reprogram them into being brand new! Since I’m an intern at the IT department, I have to travel to both offices to work. Inventory needed to be done for both departments because it was time to order new equipment. By the time I was done with that, it was time for our weekly Intern Speaker Series! They kicked off last week with meeting Tory Burch, and this week we met the design team. They spoke to us about how they come up with the designs, what influences each collection, and what the process is like. I finished the week with a nerve-wrecking, yet easy task; fixing Tory Burch’s laptop. Her hard drive stopped working, and I had to replace it with a brand new one. Although I did this a handful of times this week already, I felt like there was so much pressure because I knew it was her personal laptop. In the end, I got the job done and delivered the laptop back to her assistant. These first three weeks have been eventful and exciting, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the rest of the summer!

Written by Jeremy Jaico '17, Fashion and IT Intern at Tory Burch