Summer Research Team Solves Dairy Goat Illness

July 28 2016
Category: Academics

Summer research goats on farm

Dr. Christine Bezotte
, Associate Professor of Biology, and students Corey Blanchard '17, and Melody Ribeiro '17, conducted a summer research project in partnership with a dairy goat farm in Vermont.

Originally the project was intended to compare the microbial populations, or microorganisms, between the “does” (mother goats) and the kids (baby goats). However, once arriving at the farm, the team’s focus quickly switched to finding out why the kids were becoming so sick.

The group took samples from both nursing-mothers and kids, and brought them back to a lab on campus for analysis. From their lab work, the research team was able to pass along some preliminary results and feedback to the farm. As a result, conditions have improved and there is already an increase in health for a few of the goats.

The research team will meet again in the fall to finalize their work and hope to present their findings at the 19th Undergraduate Research Symposium in the Chemical and Biological Sciences in Baltimore, Maryland


To learn more about their experience at the farm and in the lab, visit their project blog