Internship Experience “Accounts for” Career Passion

August 05 2016
Category: Academics

The summer might be winding down, but many Elmira College students are still busy experiencing a variety of internships. Throughout the summer we’ve highlighted some of the internships our students are completing, and this week we’re featuring Casey Alencewicz ’17. Casey is working in the Finance Department of the South Brunswick Township in New Jersey. 

Let’s learn more about it from Casey…

Casey Alencewiz

Hello! My name is Casey Alencewicz and I am from Syracuse, New York. I will be a senior at Elmira College this fall. I am an Accounting and Business Administration-Management double major and a Criminal Justice minor.

On June 1, I packed my things up, moved out of Meier Hall, and four days later I moved to South Brunswick, New Jersey. For the past two months, I have been working in the Finance Department within the Municipal Building of South Brunswick. I work with the Tax Collector as well as the Comptroller. I have a variety of tasks that allow me to experience different aspects of government accounting. 

This small township of 42,000 residents takes in about $175 million in taxes every year. I began my internship in the Tax Department and was preparing to send out property tax bills to the residents. In preparation for that, my responsibilities included going through property listings for foreclosures, changes in tax collection companies, checking that property owners and addresses on paper match what is in our software, and preparing tax maps which illustrate the different tax zones within the township. When it was time to send out the property tax bills, we all worked overtime to print, separate duplicate bills, stuff envelopes and put stamps onto every single bill that was sent out.

Since 11th grade, I have loved accounting. Working with the Comptroller has made me fall in love with the process of accounting all over again. For the past two months I have been privileged to complete bank requisitions, organize escrow activity using journal entries, as well as assess purchase orders and check runs. I was also responsible for running payroll vouchers to the surrounding Fire Departments. I am learning about the new developments coming into the township and how to account for the money coming in and going out for those projects. 

I think it is funny to see people's reaction when I tell them I want to be an accountant. Almost everyone I tell, whether or not they have experienced some accounting courses, is quick to express their displeasure for the topic. However, most are thankful that there are still some crazy individuals, like me, left in the world to take on the task of accounting. These past two months have shown me that I really do want to pursue a career in accounting and I am incredibly thankful for this opportunity. 

If you are interested in highlighting your summer internship experience, please contact Julie Fielding at the Office of Career Services.