Parents: Tips for Letting Go

August 29 2016
Category: Campus Life

This week we welcome our new students as they move to campus. And as much as college is a transition for them, it is a big change for parents as well.  Whether it is a parent’s first or fifth child in college, saying goodbye and letting go is tough. 

Our Dean of Student Life, Brandon Dawson, offers these tips and suggestions to ensure both students and parents are ready for the exciting changes and challenges ahead:

For many parents transitioning from seeing your student on a daily or regular basis to not at all may create some anxiety and uncertainty.

“Many new students need time to adjust and fully immerse themselves into college life, so don’t be alarmed if you don’t hear from them right away or all the time," said Dean Dawson. "The best thing you can do in these situations is to trust your parenting, and support them, but don’t smother them.” 

Hopefully these tips help ease the transition to having a college student. If you have questions, please contact Dean Dawson or the Residence Life team.