Paper on “Imperious Curiosity” Presented at ISSEI Conference

August 03 2016
Category: Faculty

Corey McCall
Dr. Corey McCall, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religion, recently presented his paper "Imperious Curiosity" via Skype as part of the 2016 Conference of the International Society for the Study of European Ideas or ISSEI. The conference was held in Łódź, Poland, July 11-14.

McCall’s paper traces the transformation of curiosity as a virtue of the colonizer in the early Modern Age of imperial expansion, to a burden borne by the colonized as imperial administration became standardized and bureaucratized in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. 

The paper was presented as part of a workshop titled, “Epistemic Curiosity: The Culture, Politics and Identity of the Curious(ly) Virtuous.” 

The workshop explored epistemic curiosity, or the desire for knowledge which motivates someone to learn, which drives inquiry, and whether it is a distinctive feature of European culture, as some thinkers have claimed from early modernity until now. 

McCall’s paper will be expanded into a book chapter that will appear sometime in 2017.