Roommate Reach-Out: How To Start the Conversation

August 08 2016
Category: Campus Life

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Move-in Day, Fall Orientation, and Term I are almost here at Elmira College. For new students, moving on campus and having a roommate for the first time could be exciting or totally terrifying. Today, the Residence Life team shares practical ways to reach out and get to know your roommate before arriving on campus.

By now, students should have received the name and Elmira College email address of their new roommate. Now that you have this information, it’s time to contact them and start the conversation. Before immediately sharing that you snore really loud, eat only red M&Ms, or have five Lady Gaga posters ready to hang in your room, try reaching out to them using these helpful tips:

Once you arrive on-campus, always remember that communication is key. While you and your roommate don’t have to be BFF’s, trying to take an interest in each other’s lives could make for a more pleasant living experience. For example, if your roommate is on a sports team, try to go to one their games. If your roommate likes a certain show, try watching it together. Or try to have meals together on a semi-regular basis. All of these things could help you build an understanding of one another and naturally talk through any issues, versus having an awkward or weird chat later. And who knows, you may even become friends after all.

Hopefully these suggestions help you better connect and get to know your roommate. Stay tuned for more helpful tips, and if you have any questions, be sure to contact the Residence Life team.