Welcoming a New Generation of Legacies

September 06 2016
Category: Alumni

Last week, the Class of 2020 arrived on campus, but for 14 students and their families, Elmira College isn’t a new place, but a second home. This group of students are legacies following in the footsteps of a family member or, in some cases, several generations of Elmira alumni.

One of these legacies, Anna Von Hagn ‘20, a biology major from Bath, New York, is excited to be following her sister and her late grandfather, Harold Von Hagn ’66.

“Going to Elmira College is an opportunity to grow closer to my family through the special traditions and clubs on campus,” shared Anna.  

Although still a little nervous, Anna looks forward to writing her own stories at Elmira College.

For one mother, Farah Natoli ’87, the relationship she made with her professors still stands out to her today.

“When I came to Elmira I didn’t speak English, and professors went out of their way to help me through food and activities,” Farah recalled.  “They helped me outside the classroom as well as in it. I learned the language and the culture at the same time.”

The thought of her daughter, Ariana carrying on the tradition of attending Elmira College leaves her feeling excited and proud.

Emily Joerger ‘20, has been coming to Elmira College since she was five for hockey games. She’s in love with campus and excited to make her own memories with friends, like the ones she heard growing up from her father, James Joerger ’93.

“Since choosing Elmira College, we’ve definitely bonded over it - it’s something special we share,” said Emily.  

For James having his daughter attend his alma mater is great.

“I loved it here. It’s a great place,” shared James.  “I’ve been back every year and to see her come here, carry on the tradition is fantastic.”

And whether these members of the “Visionary Class of 2020,” are the first legacy in their family or one of several, over the next four years they will continue long-standing Elmira College traditions, share in family traditions, and leave their own mark at Elmira College with new traditions and memories.