Internship Reaffirms Career Choice and Passion

September 23 2016
Category: Academics

Miranda Satterly  ’17, this week’s #SoaringToSuccess student, just recently completed a marketing and design internship at the CBORD Group in Ithaca, N.Y.  For this double major focusing on marketing and digital art, her experience reaffirmed a passion for doing what she loves. 

Miranda Satterly Miranda Satterly

Let’s learn more from Miranda herself:

I started looking for summer internships over winter break, which led me to find my internship with CBORD through an online job listing. The company sought an intern right away, so I began in January, commuting to Ithaca twice a week. A marketing manager who worked remotely from Boston supervised me, checking in and assigning projects each morning through FaceTime. This created a very unique dynamic that challenged me and allowed me to work independently.

Often when I think of internships, I imagine the coffee-getting, copy-making student running around the office completing tons of errands. But this position proved to be nothing like that. I produced and edited material that company employees and clients alike utilized. I worked on a range of different projects and gained experience with everything from video production and content writing to customer interviews and tradeshow support. I created content and earned the opportunity to put my own creative touch on some pieces.  In the office, I functioned as a part of the marketing team and contributed to larger projects.

Considering the competencies I developed and the experiences I gained from January to August, I don’t think I could’ve had a more beneficial internship than this one.  Most of all, interning with CBORD reaffirmed my passion for marketing and design and assured me that I will be able to find work doing what I love.

If you are interested in highlighting your internship experience, please contact Julie Fielding at the Office of Career Services.