What Do You Say? It’s Mountain Day!

September 21 2016
Category: Campus Life

It is Mountain Day at Elmira College. This annual tradition, dating back almost a hundred years, is a day for students, faculty and administrators to come together for a host of fun activities and games.

The tradition commenced on Tuesday night, when students gathered to sing the College’s beloved songs and shared an echoing traditional chant of, “Hey, hey, what do you say? We want a Mountain Day!” The festivities continued today with an outdoor picnic, the Mountain Day Founders Cup Challenge and other fun activities.

Initiated in 1918 by Dean Anstice Harris, Mountain Day was originally a day where students, faculty and administrators hiked the East Hill up to Quarry Farm. Today, Mountain Day is more campus-oriented with a scavenger hunt, outdoor activities, and the Founders Cup Challenge which includes friendly competition in a series of events including a radical raft race in the Puddle.