Extra, Extra, Read All About: Haley Brown ’17

September 30 2016
Category: Academics

This week’s #SoaringToSuccess student is Haley Brown ’17. This psychology major and English literature minor spent her summer writing for The Daily Review, a newspaper located in Towanda, Pennsylvania. Her experience brought together her passions for mental health, writing and current events.

Haley Brown

Let’s turn to Haley to get the full scoop on her internship experience:

This past summer I had the opportunity to intern at my local daily newspaper. As a psychology major with an English literature minor, I felt that this position would give me both insight to a different style of writing and seeing the news through a different aspect. While at The Daily Review, I covered multiple genres of articles. From police briefs to columns on psychology, I touched many different audiences with my writing. I was able to see what really happened in my neighborhood and how people reacted to these events.

While shadowing the editor-in-chief of this paper, he gave me insight on how to research for news purposes. He showed me how to write sensitive topics so that the important details were released, but also so that the article was respectful to those involved. Often, an article was revised multiple times before being sent into the publishing program.

This internship helped me realize what my true passions are in life and within my field of study. As I wrote the police briefs about citizens being institutionalized for various reasons, I could only think of how I could help them.

The editor-in-chief at The Daily Review also gave me the opportunity to write opinion columns on matters of psychology. I wrote various articles bi-weekly, usually reflecting mental health and current events. These articles were often commented on by our other journalists due to the alternative thinking presented from my experience in psychology. As the editor-in-chief of the Octagon, the Elmira College newspaper, this experience helped me shift my own thoughts and style within our system to help it grow in a professional manner.

The Elmira College internship program has expanded my horizons and I truly believe it will help me in any field that I choose to go into after college. I thank our Career Services team for pushing these internships, as I would not have done this otherwise.

If you are interested in highlighting your internship experience, please contact Julie Fielding at the Office of Career Services.