Alumna Shares Her Law School Experience

October 07 2016
Category: Academics

In preparation for the Graduate School Fair on October 27 in Speidel Gymnaisum, this month’s  #SoaringToSuccess stories feature Elmira alum now in grad school, including alumna, Caiti Anderson ’15. Caiti is attending law school at the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Caiti Anderson  William and Mary

Let’s learn more from Caiti about her law school experience…

Elle Woods asked it best: “Is law school, like, hard?”

Answer for you: Yes. Yes, it is.

But! Don’t let that discourage you! If you’re at Elmira College, you’re well on your way toward success!

The first day of law school at William & Mary, I walked into a full lecture hall – almost one hundred people hailing from all over the world – Ivy Leagues, Hong Kong, the Washington Nationals – and quickly discovered that only a few of them had ever heard of Elmira College. But if there was one thing I learned at Elmira, it was to never let another person’s incredulity of you and your abilities keep you from working hard, speaking up, and being kind.

My friends at William & Mary joke that I am a walking advertisement for Elmira College. The small class sizes, personal interactions with the professors, and the ability to take on a lot of responsibility very quickly – that is a unique gift that Elmira College provides. All of that prepared me, not only to walk into that room with one hundred extremely intelligent people, but to stand apart and succeed. I ended my first year in the top 10 percent of my class, interned at the Virginia Department of Elections, and am now a member of the Law Review. In May 2017, I will begin a summer associate position at the law firm Bond, Schoeneck & King in Albany, New York. I’m certainly excited to come back to the Empire State (and my mom is pretty thrilled that I am, too)!

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