Twain Symposium Attracts International Scholars

October 20 2016
Category: Twain

Mark Twain Symposium

Earlier this month the Center for Mark Twain Studies hosted a weekend symposium at Quarry Farm titled, “Mark Twain and Youth.” More than 45 Mark Twain Scholars and enthusiasts from across the globe gathered to hear presentations, experience Quarry Farm, and share a general fondness for all-things Mark Twain. 

Presentations from visiting scholars covered topics such as Twain’s novel The Prince and the Pauper, his impact on American culture and identity, as well as insights into Samuel Clemens as a child, parent and the lives of his children.

 “The symposium sparked conversations and insights about Twain’s life and youth, but was also a great opportunity to share his connection to Elmira College and the community with visiting scholars,” said Dr. Joseph Lemak, Director of Mark Twain Studies.

While the symposium has passed, The Trouble Begins at Eight lecture series continues on Wednesday, October 19 in the Barn at Quarry Farm and Wednesday, November 2 in Cowles Hall on the Elmira College campus. Also, visit the Center for Mark Twain Studies website for exclusive content and virtual tours of Quarry Farm and other Elmira-based Twain sites.