Golden Keys To Elmira College

November 16 2016
Category: Admissions

Gold Keys

When you visit Elmira College, you will likely meet a Gold Key or two. These aren’t literal keys, but students who serve as tour guides and ambassadors for the College.

Each of these students has a tremendous amount of insider-information on the college-application process, clubs and activities, academic majors, and everything about life at Elmira College.

Over the next few weeks we will share helpful insights and experiences from the sophomore, junior, and senior Gold Key students. To start, let’s get to know all the Gold Keys a little better…

This group of 33 students hails from states all over the map including California, Illinois, Maine, and New Hampshire.

They each applied to be a Gold Key, and also are involved in just about everything else on campus. Many students are also resident advisors and orientation leaders, while others are officers on the Dance Marathon team, EC Lions Club, and Circle K Club. They are student athletes, members of the Air Force ROTC, and active in campus a capella groups: The Chiclettes, A1 and The Sauce, and EC Naturals. Needless to say – they have a good pulse on what’s happening across campus.

Their majors span from nursing, history, and political science to adolescent education and biology. And, while all students must complete 60-hours of community service, many Gold Keys are passionate about giving their time to community groups such as the Food Bank of the Southern Tier, local assisted living facilities and the SPCA.

During tours some Gold Keys have had zany and fun experiences like visitors dipping a toe in the fountain, lying down in residence hall beds to “test them out,” to performing tap routines and quite a few happy birthday songs during tours.

While the students will share their unique perspectives in the coming weeks, they all agree that being a Gold Key means so much more than being a tour guide. Here’s what a few students shared:

“Being a Gold Key means being the first face people see when they come to the College. You get to watch people fall in love with the College the same way you did while you were looking at schools.” - Steven Kline '17

“Being a Gold Key is being a part of a family and network. It has truly been a great experience and I have made countless friendships along the way.” - Laura Pantano '17

“To me, being a Gold Key means having a great respect and admiration for the College's history and traditions...” - Alexander Garey '19

It means that you love Elmira College and everything it stands for, and that you're eager to pass those feelings on to a prospective student.” - Carl Santoferrara '18 

It means I am able to exude how Elmira has prepared me for all the endeavors that I am passionate about.” - Gabrielle Carmona '18

“Being a Gold Key boils down to loving Elmira College and all its traditions. It’s a position where you want nothing more than to share all the amazing experiences you have had on this campus with prospective students in hopes that they will look back on their college years and cherish them as much as you do.” -  Jared Smith '17

“When you connect with your families and prospective students, you develop a special relationship with them. If that student chooses Elmira College, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing that individual and knowing you had an impact on his or her decision.” – Justina Lapari '17

Stay tuned for next week’s Gold Key story with insights from the sophomore class on the college application process, how they chose their academic majors, and tips for transitioning to life on campus.