Keys to Campus and College Life

December 08 2016
Category: Admissions

Gold Keys

The past few weeks, we have highlighted a few of our Gold Key students. Being the ambassadors and guides to visiting students and families, this group of students always has the insider scoop on everything Elmira College.

This week is dedicated to the junior class Gold Keys, who are rooted into the traditions, classes, and experiences that make Elmira College their home.

Today, they share their favorites. From the best places to be on campus, the faculty they admire, and the Elmira College traditions they love. Also, since students need to complete service projects before they graduate, these students have found new ways to learn and explore through volunteering. Let’s learn more from the Class of 2018…

Best Places to Study and Hang Out

“Starbucks for both! I am a self-proclaimed coffee addict and the playlist is perfect for studying. Its busy enough to people watch, but not super busy that you can’t focus.” – Shannon Mercer

“The best place to study on campus is in the library. That's where you will find me if I am not in class, lab, or at a club meeting! I enjoy hanging out with friends in Mackenzie's (an on-campus dining spot)” – Emily Bush   

“I love to study and hang out in the different lounges and parlors around campus just because of the quiet and comfy atmosphere.” – Katelyn McKissick

Favorite Faculty Members 

“One of my favorite faculty members is Professor Savash who taught me a very important lesson that everyone should learn - never doubt yourself. He never let me forget that I could do anything I put my mind to.” – Carl Santoferrara

“I don't have a favorite. As cliché as it sounds, my nursing professors have my utmost respect. Each professor has influenced my progression in the program so much. If I had to have a favorite, I would have to say the nursing staff in its entirety.” – Gabrielle Carmona

“My favorite faculty member is my coach, Preston Chapman. He is the best role model to me on campus and I truly enjoy the honor of learning both the sport and social development under him.” – Nevin Olney

Community Service

“I chose to perform my community service hours with Red Cross Club because I wanted to be involved with an organization that is healthcare affiliated and dedicated to helping those in need, and the Red Cross Club met both of these criteria. Some of my fondest memories came from volunteering at the blood drives.” – Emily Bush   

“The Lions Club lets you do a ton of different projects for community service. I was at the animal shelter, participating in Relay for Life along with a bunch of other projects.” – Shannon Mercer

“With the help of my fellow teammates, we arranged community service at our local Adult Assisted Living Home. We were able to work with the residents, keep them company, and assist in any way we could.”  – Gabrielle Carmona

Favorite Elmira College Tradition

“My favorite tradition is the holiday banquet because it symbolizes the Elmira College family.” – Nevin Olney

 “The Candlelight Ceremony. That is where I met some of my closest college friends.” – Carl Santoferrara

“My favorite tradition is [also] the holiday banquet because it is a wonderful experience to see professors outside of the academic setting and talk with them as you share a meal together. It strengthens bonds and creates a different atmosphere that many other schools do not have.” – Katelyn McKissick

“May Days! It’s so much fun and it’s like spending a summer day at a carnival with your best friends, but its right on campus!” – Shannon Mercer

Stay tuned for next week’s Gold Key story with perspectives from the seniors as they prepare to graduate, share their aspirations for the future, and reflect their travel abroad experiences at Elmira.