Students Present Research at Sigma Xi Conference

December 07 2016
Category: Academics

Drew E. I. Barber ‘17 and Leslie T. Hixon ’17, accompanied by Dr. Todd Egan, Associate Professor of Biology, recently presented their research at the Sigma Xi Annual Meeting and Student Research Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Student Research Conference, attended by approximately 115 high school, undergraduate, and graduate students, focused on poster presentations in all fields of science and engineering.

Drew and Leslie’s research focused on projects they completed during their Term III travels to the Bahamas. Each student experimented with plant samples taken from the Gerace Research Centre (GRC) on San Salvador Island in the Bahamas.

Drew Barber

Drew’s poster presentation and research was titled, “Effect of Time of Day and Plant Height on Plant Moisture Stress in Canopy Trees of San Salvador Island, the Bahamas.” She found that moisture stress is an important measurement in plant physiology because it changes quickly in response to environmental conditions.

Leslie Hixon

Leslie’s research, titled, “The Effect of Vine Length and Insect Predation on Plant Moisture Stress on San Salvador Island, the Bahamas,” centered on experiments to measure plant moisture stress in halophytic vine and shrub species using a pressure chamber. She also explored whether moisture stress correlates with greater insect damage.

Dr. Egan remarked that the conference was very beneficial to the students and each did an excellent job presenting their research.