Alumna’s Passion for Literacy Grows in Graduate School

December 16 2016
Category: Academics

This week's #‎SoaringToSuccess story features recent graduate, Victoria Wright '16. While at Elmira College she was an elementary education and English literature double major, and now her journey continues at the University of New England. There she is pursuing a master's degree in literacy and using her experiences at Elmira College to help her along the way.

Victoria Wright

Let’s learn more from Victoria…

This past spring, at the end of a busy day student teaching, I received a call from the University of New England offering me a spot in their graduate program where I would work toward my Masters of Science in Literacy Education. To say I was excited is an understatement. I had struggled with the choice of either going straight for a teaching job out of Elmira College or pursuing my master’s degree, but this acceptance made the choice easy.

The University of New England is based out of my home state of Maine and has campuses in both Portland and Biddeford. The University is a competitive, top-ranked institution that offers hands-on learning and rigorous academic experiences to empower the next generation of leaders. The post-graduate program provides a support specialist to each student, which allows students to build lasting relationships with members of the education community. I am taking courses in classroom leadership, motivation, and management to list a few. Toward the end of my graduate education I will complete an action research project where I will be conducting research in a classroom environment to help improve student learning.

I find myself often looking back and relying on the knowledge and experience I gained in my undergraduate studies at Elmira College. In fact, I don’t know if I would have even realized how much I loved literacy education had it not been for the influence Dr. Deborah Owens of the Education Department had on me in my years working with her.

The classes I took and experiences I had at Elmira College are things I use in my graduate education every day. I often look back to my old education textbooks for supplemental information and my own reading and writing skills grew immensely during my time at Elmira College. I have been lucky enough to stay in touch with many of the friends I made at Elmira and know they will be lifetime friends.

While at Elmira College it is easy to take it for granted, but it truly prepared me for everything I have encountered since graduating in June. I am a better student, friend and educator because of the experiences I had at Elmira, and I will be forever grateful for that. If anyone ever wants to discuss life after Elmira College, graduate school, or literacy education please feel free to email me at: