Internship Brings Inspiration to Local Students

January 06 2017
Category: Academics

This week’s #SoaringToSuccess story focuses on Alissa Abbott '17. This psychology and gender studies double major interned at the local YWCA and made a lasting impact with the students and children at the organization.

Alissa Abbott

Let’s learn more from Alissa…

For about five months now, I have interned with the YWCA in Elmira, New York. It has been such an inspirational experience; working with children, many who are at times very underprivileged and, at times, struggling with aspects within their personal life. Giving them an outlet to express themselves, in really anyway that they want, hopefully pushed them to strive for success in not only school, but also their hobbies and aspirations. 

I met with many students at after school programs and community centers to talk through enrichment programs relating to critical thinking. Topics included: team work, personal life reflection, working toward an individual or common goal, and using immediate resources to achieve something.

I engaged with the kids on a professional level, however, when we were done, there was always time for a fun activity where I was able to reach them a bit more than before. I was able to make those connections with them and actually inspired a couple young females to grow up to be strong, powerful, and to stand against any problem they face. 

A young girl in the program got a kick out of the fact that our names are the same, and she wanted to be just like me when she got older. I told her about Elmira College and my outlet with music. She told me about her favorite things to do and how her friendships meant a lot to her. Even though she wanted to be just like me, I made her think about her own goals and we spent every Monday going over them again.

I really believe I reached her and that was essentially my goal for this internship!