Students Inducted Into Gamma Sigma Epsilon Honor Society

February 20 2017
Category: Academics

Gamma Sigma Epsilon Inductions

The Kappa Omicron Chapter of the Gamma Sigma Epsilon National Chemical Honor Society held student inductions on February 10. There were 28 inductees.

Gamma Sigma Epsilon is a national chemistry honor society founded in 1919 at Davidson College. The original fraternity was created to promote academic excellence and undergraduate research scholarship in chemistry. In 1931, the fraternity became a co-educational honor society. 

Today, there are more than seventy active Gamma Sigma Epsilon chapters throughout the United States. The society is governed by a national executive council of elected officers and meets in biennial conventions for the purpose of governance, fellowship, and scientific exchange. 

The list of inductees include:

Abigail Christina-Amelia Aman
Lesley M Batterson
Mikaela Buntz
Emily Bush
Chandra Chamlagai
Caroline Alison Connolly
Paula Marie Cook
Carolyn Marie Corcoran
Daniella Leonore Costa
James McGrath-Gilbert Fritsche
Victoria Edith Giglia
Corbin Henry
Christopher John Konow
Ashley Marie Miller
Kerri Nicole Patt
Rachael Elizabeth Planishek
Charl Herman Pretorius
Andrew M Reed
Emily Blaine Repas
Justin William Ruback
Cory R. Schoonover
Andrew Joseph Spitznogle
Ethan Anthony Stewart
Jacob Scott Tanen
Baily Edward Scott Thomas
Jessica Claire Tiner
Janine Velardi
Rebecca Kaye Whitney
Megan Elizabeth Wolfe