Professor Seybold Published in the LA Review of Books

February 15 2017
Category: Faculty

Dr. Matthew Seybold
Dr. Matt Seybold, Assistant Professor of American Literature and Mark Twain Studies at Elmira College, was recently published in the LA Review of Books blog.

The piece, which The Atlantic selected as one of ten "highlights from seven days of reading about arts and entertainment," discusses the recent election and coverage in traditional and social media.

Starting with a Saturday Night Live sketch from shortly after the election, Dr. Seybold examines recent tendencies toward doomsaying in mainstream and social media. He argues that these tendencies derive from the widespread consumption of “apocalyptic romanticism” via film and television, and that forecasts of “imminent and inevitable” destruction serve, at least in some small way, to make that dire prophecy more likely.   

Click here to read the full article by Dr. Seybold.