Students Inducted into National Biological Honor Society

February 01 2017
Category: Academics

The Eta Sigma Chapter of Beta Beta Beta National Biological Honor Society recently held student inductions. There were 36 inductees, all of whom met the requirements for membership.

Beta Beta Beta (Tri-Beta) has three major objectives: to promote scholarship in the biological sciences; to promote the dissemination of biological knowledge; and  to encourage research. The symbols of the honor society are the key and coat of arms. The key represents wisdom as well as life on and in the ground, in the air, and in the water. The coat of arms represents known and unknown scientific truths.  The motto is Blay'-pay-een Bah'-seen Bee'oo which means, "to see the foundation of life."

Beta Beta Beta was founded in 1922 by Dr. Frank G. Brooks, and the Elmira College Eta Sigma Chapter was founded in 1960. 


The new inductees include:

Lesley Batterson
Mikaela Buntz
Chandra Chamlagai
Jaima Cicero
Carolyn Corcoran
Caroline Connolly
Paula Cook
Nathan Edwards
Amber Eggleston
Emily Fox
Brittany Francis
Cameron Frisbie
Victoria Giglia
Maggie Groce
Cassandra Hill
Julien Hockenberger
Elizabeth Johnson
Alexandra Krohn 
Deanna Maybee
Heather Mustavs
Carissa Neary
Blake O’Neill
Rachael Planishek
Charl Pretorius
Christine Ragudos
Andrew Reed
Emily Repas
Yhon Salvatierra
Christian Sawicki
Andrew Spitznogle
Ethan Stewart
Trevor Stone
Janine Velardi
Hannah Vignone
Anna von Hagn
Erica Wise