Alumna and Professor Publish Joint Research

August 10 2017
Category: Alumni

Ashley Youngs     Dr. Allyson Graf  

Joint research by alumna Ashley Youngs ’16, and Dr. Allyson Graf, Assistant Professor of Psychology, was recently published in The Journal of Social, Behavioral, and Health Science. 

The article titled, “Innovating the Innovation: Applying Mobile Research Methods to Experience Sampling,” was a project that Dr. Graf and Youngs started during Youngs’ senior year at Elmira College.

The article explores traditional research methods versus digital methods, specifically mobile. Through examining current literature and conducting an experiential sampling method study using mobile methods, the paper provides perspectives of participants and researchers utilizing mobile methods. The paper includes a list of proposed best practices for mobile research methods and some cautionary takeaways in assuming the convenience of mobile research methods. The two researchers summarize that for mobile research the “promise is great, but the pitfalls are plentiful.” 

Youngs is currently studying industrial organizational psychology at Radford University. Click here to read more about what she has been up to since graduating from Elmira College.