Dr. McCall Co-Edits a New Collection of Herman Melville Writings

September 13 2017
Category: Faculty

Dr. Corey McCall  “Melville Among the Philosophers”

Dr. Corey McCall, associate professor of philosophy, and Dr. Tom Numi, assistant professor of English at Montana State University-Billings, co-edited a new collection of writings titled, “Melville Among the Philosophers.” 

For more than a century readers have found Herman Melville’s writing rich with philosophical ideas, yet there has been relatively little written about what, exactly, is philosophically significant about his work and why philosophers are so attracted to Melville in particular. This volume addresses this silence through a series of essays that examine various philosophical contexts for Melville’s work, take seriously Melville’s writings as philosophy, and consider how modern philosophers have used Melville and the implications of appropriating Melville for contemporary thought. 

“‘Melville Among the Philosophers’ is ultimately an intervention across literary studies and philosophy that carves new paths into the work of one of America’s most celebrated authors, a man who continues to enchant and challenge readers well into the twenty-first century,” said Dr. McCall.

While the collection will be available next month through Lexington Books, reviews are already being published:

“A thrilling collection. The essays range across Melville’s works and across Western philosophy. 'Melville Among the Philosophers' reveals just how mutually entangled literature and philosophy are for Melville, and for us.” — Cody Marrs, University of Georgia

“For a volume that covers every period of Melville's career, every genre in which he wrote, and puts him in dialogue with thinkers such as Plato, Nietzsche, Schmitt, C. L. R. James, Deleuze, Derrida, and Ranciere—all the while traversing the disciplinary areas of philosophy, religion, literary theory, and politics—is it really out of place to compare it to the immensity of the whale or the vastness of the ocean in Melville's greatest work? Regardless, 'Melville Among The Philosophers' will be essential reading for anyone concerned with the work and legacy of this magesterial author.” — Jeffrey A. Bernstein, College of the Holy Cross

Contributors to the collection include: Troy Jollimore (Cal State-Chico), Mark Anderson (Belmont University), Edward F. Mooney (Syracuse University), Jason M. Wirth (Seattle University), Gary Shapiro (University of Richmond), Tracy B. Strong (UC-San Diego), Marilyn Nissim-Sabat (Lewis University), Kris Sealey (Fairfield University), Eduardo Mendieta (Penn State), David LaRocca (SUNY-Binghamton), and Cornel West (Harvard University).

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